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Society Meetings


Meetings are held biennially in the three areas of England most associated with Meade Falkner: Dorset, Oxfordshire and the North-East.

This usually means being based at hotels in Dorchester, Burford and Durham or Newcastle upon Tyne. We have visited Old Fleet Church, which plays such an important role in the story of Moonfleet; Burford Church, where Meade Falkner’s ashes are buried; and the cathedral and The Divinity House, Meade Falkner’s home, in Durham.


Previous weekend meetings have been


• 8 May 2001: Fleet Old Church and Moonfleet Manor Hotel, Dorset


• 20 September 2003: Burford and its Church, Oxfordshire


• 16 May 2009: The Divinity House, Durham


• 9 July 2011: Dorset History Centre and Dorset Museum, Dorchester


• 12 July 2013: Burford Church and the Bodleian, Oxford


• 17 July 2015: Newcastle upon Tyne and surrounding area


• 7 July 2017: Dorchester, Fleet and Weymouth, Dorset

• 13 July 2019: Burford Church and Oxfordshire

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