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The John Meade Falkner Society was founded in 1999 on 8th May - the writer's birthday. Its aim is to promote the study and appreciation of Falkner's life, times and works. The Society's activities include three Newsletters each year - in January, May and July, all key Falkner months; an annual Journal - published in July; and Meetings held biennially in Dorset, Oxfordshire and the North-East. 

Falkner is perhaps best known for his thrilling story Moonfleet, but he wrote two other highly regarded novels, several non-fiction works, short stories and poetry. He worked at the famous armaments firm Sir W.G Armstrong-Whitworth & Co., Ltd. in Elswick, Newcastle upon Tyne, ending up as Chairman of the company. A keen collector of books and manuscripts, he was also a fine letter writer and raconteur.


                                                          Order the COLLECTED POEMS of John Meade Falkner

Order Richard Davenport-Hines' BIOGRAPHY of John Meade Falkner

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